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Master Curtis Jordan is simply a phenomenal karate instructor. For the past 7-8 years, I have had the pleasure of being trained by Master Jordan and it’s a wonderful experience! He teaches with a personable and hands-on approach that is easy for all to grasp. The atmosphere within the academy is very friendly, and the other instructors are great teachers as well. All in all, E.C.K.A. is one of the finest places to be trained in martial arts in the Western Pennsylvania region.

- Chet Litteral

 Our 6-year-old son started karate at East Coast Karate over a year ago and has really come a long way with respect to his ability to focus and his fine motor skills. He is proud of his accomplishments as he just earned his orange belt and has decided he wants to continue. His reason? Because he really likes the personal attention, he gets from Master Jordan. Our reason for committing to his continued karate at East Coast? Because we appreciate how much our son is learning to be respectful and disciplined from someone other than us, and we admire Master Jordan's commitment to excellence, consistency and the fact he is so good with relating and motivating kids. We have had a great experience thus far! I highly recommend East Coast Karate and Master Curtis Jordan!

- Lisa Frank

I am glad that I joined my kids 2 years back in East Coast Karate Academy nearby my home. My kids are learning Martial Arts with positive attitude under Master Jordan’s Training. I will strongly Recommend East Coast Karate Academy to your kids. Here your kids can learn Discipline, Positive attitude with Martial Arts. In one sentence, I can say, East Coast Karate Academy is a Goal-oriented and character-building facility.

- Adama

My daughter has been taking lessons under Master Jordon for just over a year now. I am amazed at her transformation; she's 100% dedicated to her Karate. At 7 years old, I expected there would be days were she would rather stay out and play, and I would have to drag her to class; not the case, she's totally on top of class, always wants to go, practices, even went so far as to asking Master Jordan to perform with her in her talent show at school.
- Keri Hall

I have been training under Master Jordan at East Coast Karate for over 20 years. I have checked out other schools just out of curiosity and none have compared to the quality instruction I have received under Master Jordan's leadership. The school offers a great learning environment where students can master the arts in a friendly, respectful atmosphere and not have to deal with the overdose of testosterone and egos that many of the other schools have. Whether you are a man woman or child, if you are looking for a place to train in the martial arts or aerobic kickboxing I highly recommend it.
- Victor Carter

I joined Master Jordan's Cardio Kickboxing class due to a work tragedy, with the thought I just need to keep my mind and body busy for a while. I looked all over the Pittsburgh area for a place to just try Cardio Kickboxing. I called Master Jordan to get some basic information and after our conversation, I could not wait to sign up. I have now been with East Coast Karate Academy for almost 2 years and I cannot see myself leaving any time soon. Master Jordan is extremely welcoming to new comers. He pushes you hard so you get the most out of each class but also is very attentive to you if he thinks you are struggling. He would always tell me “Don’t worry you will get it” and I did after a few weeks. Now my strength and endurance has increased. I love the classes and feel guilty when I am unable to attend. Kudos to Master Jordan and the staff for making East Coast Karate the best academy in the Pittsburgh area.
- Carolyn Dorn

I have known Curtis Jordan for a few years, now. When my son began having trouble at school, a friend explained her son had similar problems and she enrolled him in karate. I visited several martial arts schools in the western Allegheny county area. I had studied for several years and East Coast Karate Academy was an easy choice. Mr. Jordan knows how to reach all sorts of kids: some with humor, some with discipline and some, like my son, with easier guidance. Since starting three years ago, there have been no more calls at work or scheduled appointments with teachers. Every one of the many parents I've talked with shares this opinion. He is an amazingly kind and humble person, but can be as tough as a drill sergeant when needed. Even the toughest messages are delivered with caring and humor. If you're going to goof off, you're going to do pushups. Kids intuitively understand and respect this. My son and I have watched martial arts tournaments with Mr. Jordan. When we enter with him, black belts and masters from all over the room begin heading his way to say hello. It's like watching a migration. Masters from other parts of the country have taken my son and me aside to tell us how lucky my son is to have Mr. Jordan as an instructor. In a random discussion about "bucket lists," the only item I could think of was returning to martial arts and getting a black belt. So, I'm in the adult class. Yes, I've had to do my share of extra pushups. My son thought that was great.
- Dan G

I started going to East Coast Karate Academy this past July. I really enjoy the kickboxing classes! I have played many sports and I have worked out the majority of my life, but we all know that working out can get boring. The kickboxing classes keep me motivated and push me to work harder. I definitely noticed results! My endurance has gotten better and I have definitely noticed a difference in how my clothes fit. So if you are looking for a great work out, East Coast Karate Academy is where to go!
- Justine Bazzo

East Coast Karate Academy in Moon Township, is the best kept secret in the martial arts world. My son and I have been training Chinese Kenpo at East Coast Karate Academy under Master Curtis Jordan for over 10 years. Master Jordan has tremendous patience, especially with his younger students, and I am impressed with his talent, reputation, and knowledge of the martial arts. He and his staff continue to be great role models for the students. My cardio kick boxing training at East Coast Karate Academy under Master Jordan is also second to none. This full body workout has helped me improve my strength, conditioning level, flexibility, and boost my self-confidence. For me it has also proven to be a great stress reducer. I highly recommend East Karate Academy to anyone (old or young) even remotely interested in martial arts, cardio kick boxing, or just staying in shape.
- Irene Trello

During my internship in Pittsburgh, I joined the cardio kickboxing classes at the East Coast Karate Academy with Mr. C. Jordan. He and his team are incredibly skilled in martial arts, have lots of experience in training people with all sorts of fitness backgrounds and are able to guide you to a new level of endurance. I have not been able to find a similar workout in my current place of residence (the Netherlands) that combines strength, high intensity and has been able to show results that quickly. Whenever I travel to the US, I can't pass up on the opportunity to join the kickboxing classes at ECKA. I highly recommend this Martial Arts Academy.
- Madelon van den Berg

East Coast Karate Academy is a wonderful place for children and adults. My son has been attending class there for about two years. In those two years he has learned self-discipline, focus, and most importantly self-confidence. Mr. Jordan (the owner and teacher) creates a tough but at the same time a very warm and inviting place for kids to learn Karate. I hope my son continues the love for Karate that Mr. Jordan has taught him. He can use these skills in every aspect of his life.
- Nicole Lucente

I have been enrolled in Master Jordan's cardio-kickboxing classes for 9 years. It is by far the best cardio/strength workout in the Pittsburgh area. Master Jordan combines cardio with strength to create challenging workouts. His lifetime experience allows each class to differ targeting core areas which provide an overall body workout. The friendly energized atmosphere combined with Master Jordan's talent in the martial arts makes this cardio-kickboxing class number one. No reason to not sign up. Your body will thank you both inside and out!
- Nanette Lemmon

I have studied under Master Jordon for many years. His commitment to each individual student makes you feel as though you are his only student, this is my first thought. He also makes sure you receive the knowledge to connect with your own inner strength as well. Your experience with him leaves you well rounded. This is especially good for our youth. The atmosphere in his space creates an extreme positive energy. His School is second to none. I, having been living throughout this country, have experienced different schools. So with great confidence and sincerity, I can say that his karate academy is one of the best in the country. His style of teaching is designed for success with every individual, man, women or child. With Master Jordan, you will succeed. I highly recommend Master Jordon and the East Coast Karate Academy. I recommend everyone that can experience Master Jordon join ECKA Academy. I currently live in Los Angeles, California and I travel back to the ECKA once a month to take a class with Master Jordon, because the training that he provides is unmatched. 

- Darryl Spencer

I started taking kickboxing at the East Coast Karate Academy July 2013 and I love it. I had taken a couple of kickboxing classes at other places but got bored. Let me tell you that you won't get bored here! Every class is different and it's a workout! It's a great class for all fitness levels. You do what you can and as you keep going you see yourself getting stronger. I can't say enough good things about East Coast Karate Academy!
- Elisa Levy

I have been attending East Coast Karate Academy for about 3 months. I actually joined for a project I must complete to graduate high school. The owner, Master Jordan, has been extremely helpful and welcoming through the way. His school offers a great learning experience along with a fun and friendly environment. The school has classes for all ages, female or male, and I highly recommend this academy to anyone and everyone whose either looking for a place to master martial arts or even get in shape with kickboxing!
- Nina L.

I have been training in Chinese Kenpo under Black Belt Master Instructor Curtis Jordan for over 18 years. The East Coast Karate Academy trains all ages, men, women and also children. You will receive individual attention and a program just for you with your own goals in mind. This facility is very welcoming, clean, and offers top-quality training. This is the preeminent academy for martial arts in the Pittsburgh area. I would definitely recommend it.
- Brittany Jordan

I have been around the school for many years, the values and dedication of the staff have not waivered one bit. Life skills and lifelong lessons can be learned here for the staff truly has a passion for the art and takes a special interest in the person learning it. I have learned a great deal here and I am very grateful for the relationships that were formed, for they will last a life time.
- Jesse James

I have been attending Master Jordan's Cardio Kickboxing class for 5 years and because of his training I am stronger with more endurance and improved balance. It's a wonderful weight loss class also. And most importantly, the class is fun so you want to keep coming back.
- Vicki Furgiuele

I have been training with Master Jordan for over a year now and could not rate this school any higher. If you're looking for the best, this is it. He draws on a world of experience, and definitely knows how to have fun!
- Leo Gardner

Training here over the past two years has made an incredible difference. I've lost over 25 pounds and have never felt better in my life!
- Tom Harper

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