Outstanding Corporate and Security Program Training

Enroll in Martial Arts for Security Training

When you want to succeed in the work place, start with improving your physical skills and your confidence on the job. Our martial arts programs for corporate positions, such as security, provide you with one-on-one training and guidance from a world champion.

You'll learn self-defense skills that keep you aware, focused and safe no matter what type of environment you are in. Depend on the skilled trainers at East Coast Karate Academy to help you to achieve your goals.
Martial Arts Training

Get Superior Weapons Training

You can also take weapons training courses through our facilities. You'll learn how to master the use of weapons including how to use your body and skills to minimize threats against you.
Martial Arts Training

Consider a Private Lesson

Not only do we offer private lessons but affordable rates on them as well. Talk to our team today to get the information you need about enrollment. Learn corporate and security training from the area's leaders in a one-on-one session.
Martial Arts Training

Watch your Career Grow

When you enroll in our training programs, you'll learn key skills to improve your physical abilities and your confidence. Whether you enroll in a martial arts program, Karate, Tai-chi or our kickboxing program, you'll get the personalized service you need to be your best.
Call us at 412-264-6433 to work with a licensed professional martial arts trainer having a solid record of achievement.
You can improve your quality of life and enhance your ability to do your job. With our security program training, you'll be empowered.
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